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​Allan's MP Archives

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This site is made up of historical photos and photos that I have taken at ceremonies, parades and events.   Photos and scans of artifacts, collectables, uniforms, badges and buttons that I have compiled throughout the years in my collection.  Whether you visit the site for historical, education, referral, research or just browsing, enjoy.  If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line and I will tap my resources and contacts to find your answer. 

 MP 28821

It's a jungle out there, and navigating it requires a real pro. You can count on MP 28821 to get you anywhere worth being gotten to.

Circa: 1971.

Member of the Force for 31 years, stationed at Depot Division, Regina, Saskatchewan and "E" Division, British Columbia.

​​MP  28821 - Sgt. D. Laird Allan (ret'd.), #27 Troop, 1970-1971.  

                        Member of the RCMP "E" Division Veterans' Association

                               Member of the RCMP "E" Division NCOs' Mess

Member of the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Museum, Regina Saskatchewan

Circa: 1999.

Circa: 2015